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Huawei Mate 50 Lineup to Showcase Satellite Communication Support; Official Teaser is Out

Huawei Mate 50 Lineup to Showcase Satellite Communication Support; Official Teaser is Out

Another Mate-series lineup by Huawei is about to hit the market. It’s been almost two years since the last Mate phone dropped, AKA Mate 40 Pro (launched November 2020). The Chinese brand has been mum ever since, silently working on Huawei Mate 50 devices. The time is finally here; the Mate 50 series will go live today.

The Mate series by Huawei belong to their bleeding-edge flagship devices. Mate phones showcase the brand’s innovative technology and elusive features. Even with the impedance of US sanctions and dropping sales, the brand’s spirit is alive & kicking. And by all accounts, the upcoming Mate 50s will exhibit that spirit.

Thanks to all the marketing banners and commercials, we now know that the Chinese giant is working on satellite communication services. Huawei just released a teaser with a satellite being launched into space via rocket, implying tower-less connectivity. The core function of this new feature is simple. If you are in a remote location with zero cellular coverage, you can use direct-satellite contact for communication, emergency or otherwise.

Huawei has been working on this project since their patents for “Method and Device for Satellite Communication” went through. Rumors suggest that the company will loan satellite services from BeiDou Navigation System, and the flagship phones will come with its support natively.

The concept isn’t new. Apple Inc is allegedly experimenting with the same technology on its iPhone 14 lineup coming up in a few days. iOS will embed the satellite feature inside the iMessage app, where you can choose whether to send the text using SIM, internet, or satellite. Chances are, Huawei will use the same integration with their upcoming HarmonyOS 3.0 — with the launch only hours away (today, September 6th), we’ll find out soon enough.  


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